Elevate Your Wine Experience With the Zalto Burgundy Glass

Elevate Your Wine Experience With the Zalto Burgundy Glass

Heightened Aromatics is Part of the Perfection

Why is the Burgundy glass so unique? The wide seamless bowl of the glass aerates the wine, perfectly illuminating its subtle essence while the narrower opening draws the wine in a straight line to the palate for precise tasting. Every part of the Burgundy glass design accentuates the delicate nuances that are essential to appreciating higher acid, floral, elegant wines as the ration of exposure to air serves to "instantly" decant the wine. As with every Zalto glass, it is mouth-blown in the centuries old Venetian tradition by a small team of artisans. These few individuals have trained for years to acheive the level of skill required to make the Zalto Burgundy. It is the most difficult glass in the entire line to produce. Hence, each glass is a singular entity of perfection.

While the Zalto Burgundy glass is the clear choice for exceptional wines, it will elevate any wine it serves, all while making a statement at even the humblest of gatherings.

A man is pouring red wine into a Zalto Burgundy glass at a table set for two for dinner.

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