About Us

We are dedicated to handling only the finest of things in the world of wine.

With that in mind, we are proud to be your source for Zalto glassware in the United States.


Are you a restaurant, winery, or fine retail shop? We handle all trade requests, and will either direct you to the distributor in your state or we will work with you directly.


Are you a customer interested in purchasing some Zaltos? You will find the entire line here, with fast and easy shipping to your door.


As the importer of Zalto, we know that you depend upon us to have what you want, when you want it. With that in mind, we only make an item available if it is actually in stock and ready to ship. You never have to worry about making a purchase only to receive a "you're glasses are back-ordered" notification.


Are you interested in becoming one of our distribution partners? Please send us an inquiry to our Winemonger headquarters at office@winemonger.com and we will contact you right away.


So you've got the glass, do you have the wine? For sure you have some, but you can always use more. Visit our wine shop at www.Winemonger.com!


The Manufactory is the dedicated retail outlet of Zalto Glassware by Winemonger Imports.