You've got questions. We've got (some) answers.

1. Are the glasses really in stock? Or am I going to get a back-order notification 10 minutes after I hit the purchase button?

If it shows as in stock and you can put it in your cart and check out, it is absolutely in stock and we'll get to work processing your order.


2. This is a gift. Can I add a gift note?

Yes, you can add a gift note during checkout and it will be printed on the packing slip.


3. This is a gift. Will they see the price?

Nope! The packing slip just shows the order information and the gift note, if you added one.


4. Can I return or exchange my order?

Please refer to our Refund Policy page.


5. My tracking number doesn't show any movement. What's up with that?

It can sometimes take a day or two for a tracking number to go "live" after you receive your shipping notification. Check back on it later and you'll likely be happy with what you see.


6. My tracking number is showing as "in transit", but it doesn't make sense. Where's my package?

When you go to the UPS website and put in your tracking number, it will take you to a page that shows the 4 basics package statuses: label created, on the way, out for delivery, delivery. But you want to know more! On that same page, look for the option to "view details." Click on that. On the popup window, change from "shipment details" to "shipment progress." Here you will get to see exactly where your package is as it makes its way from our warehouse in Stratford, CT to you. It's kind of fun, actually.


7. Why was my package delivered to a UPS pickup point?

Sometimes, after making a delivery attempt, UPS will opt to leave your package at a local pickup point. This is their call and unfortunately we are not alerted when this happens.


8. Can I really put these in my dishwasher?

Yes, you can. For more details, please go to our Handling & Care page.


9. Are Zalto glasses unbreakable?



10. Are they the best wine glasses known to man?


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