The Original Universal Glass

The Original Universal Glass

Designed by Father Hans Denk over 20 years ago, Zalto was the first to combine unique angles with hand-blown craftsmanship, and revolutionized what a wine glass could be.

Known as the Austrian "wine priest" (he was in fact a priest), Father Denk was inspired by the tilt of the Earth, and how using the Earth's angles in his design influenced the presentation of the wine. Famous for his incredible palate, he was relentless as he stretched the limits of form meeting function to create glass perfection.


Weinpfarrer Hans Denk

This pursuit of crafting a perfect glass has only grown over time. Each piece of Zalto glassware is hand-blown by a team of artisans. What seems like a simple pile of sand when it goes into the furnace is taken out as molten glass which is then blown, pulled, and polished into its final form entirely by hand. Every detail has been refined, down to the shape of the lip of the glass. Each is its own work of art.

Images of a Zalto glass being made

It takes years to achieve the ability to blow glass at such a high level, and few glassblowers with such expertise exist.

Some say imitation is the finest form of flattery. But sometimes imitation is just imitation. Zalto remains unequaled.

A Zalto Universal glass in front of the wooden mold in which it is blown.

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