Collection: Zalto Denk'Art Wine and Specialty Glasses

Zalto's Denk'Art glasses are comprised of nine wine and specialty glasses, decanters and spittoons*.

The name Denk'Art refers to Austria's wine authority Father Hans Denk, a Catholic priest who made a name for himself as a blessed wine taster and critic, a skill he acquired by living and running his congregation in Albrechtsberg, close to the Wachau Valley of Austria. Known as Austria's wine priest and sometimes named God's nose for his keen tasting abilities, Father Denk was instrumental during the initial design phase, lending his expertise and talents to the various designs that now make up the Zalto line of wine glasses. Sadly, Father Denk passed away in 2019 at the age of 77.

* Zalto has only ever produced ten drinking glasses and their design has been consistent since the early beginnings. Seven of these glasses are wine glasses, the other three are specialty glasses. There is only one line of glasses, sometimes called Zalto Denk'Art and other times simply Zalto.