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Zalto Denk'Art Cocktail / Tumbler Glass - 2 Glasses

Zalto Denk'Art Cocktail / Tumbler Glass - 2 Glasses

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If your wine deserves a Zalto, then your cocktail deserves a Zalto.

Feather-light in the hand, as with all Zalto glasses, this seemingly humble glass elevates the idea of what a "rocks" or "tumbler" should be. It is of course also the finishing touch to your table as a water glass.

With nearly two years of design and production to get the proportions just right and the glass-blowers trained to achieve the ideal, every detail has been attended to, down to the perfect dimension of the opening so that you get the full sensory experience of smell and taste with each sip.

The height of the glass is 3.9 inches and it is 3.6 inches at its widest part. The volume capacity is 380 ml.

All Zalto glasses are mouth blown and lead free. We recommend using a dishwasher rather than hand washing.

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