• The Stunner

    For fans of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and other Burgundian grapes, the Zalto Burgundy glass delivers best-in-class surface area, aeration and vertigo-inducing swirl. A big glass for big wines, it also makes a big statement on your beautifully set table. It's truly a stunner!

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  • For the Red Wine Lover

    The Bordeaux works for all reds and really shines with varieties like Nebbiolo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. A versatile larger-surface red wine glass that doesn't require a lot of shelf or dishwasher space. A must-have for red wine lovers.

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  • Buy it for White Wines, Use it for Sparklers!

    While designed for lighter and more zippy white wines, it has also become a favorite of sommeliers for sparkling wines, especially those with a bit of age, as its larger bowl allows for more development than one can get with a narrower flute.

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  • The Statement Glass

    Coveted by wine industry professionals, the Gravitas Omega is both exceptional for tasting and evaluating a wine, and is also a piece of art on the tabletop. It's the gift to give to the wine aficionado in your life, or that style maven you know who makes bold choices when it comes to entertaining.

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  • Serve It in Style

    Zalto offers two decanters and four carafes in their lineup. If aeration by decanting is in order, your choices are the wider Mystique Decanter, which can hold up to a magnum of wine, or the narrower Axium. The carafes come in four sizes, and their main purpose is to elegantly serve and eloquently present.

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  • For the Mixologist

    If your wine deserves a Zalto stem, then your cocktail, mocktail, or even just water deserves this elegent tumbler. Its ultra thin rim and seemingly weightless feel promotes the best qualities of the content it serves up, be it a Negroni or some Pellegrino. Sold in single pack boxes or boxed-sets-of-six.

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  • For the Wine Lover Who Has it All

    The perfect gift for that "cork dork" in your life who already has a full set of Zalto stemware, and the decanters as well. The Spittoon is the tasting tool used by sommeliers and serious wine lovers, and is the perfect finishing touch for the home wine cellar. Available in green, red, or gray, and two different sizes.

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  • The Zalto Universal - the First Zalto to Own. Perfect for Newlyweds!

    If you are just starting your Zalto collection or if your shelf space is limited and you still want the best wine glass in the market, then the Universal is the glass to get or gift. This glass can do it all and for some lighter reds and whites, there is not a better glass on the market, period.

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  • Give the New Carafe 67 or the Champagne Flute - or Both!

    Nothing says celebration like quite like some bubbles, and both the Zalto Champagne glass and the Carafe 67, with its special glass ball closure, are wine gifts that will have fans of Champagne and other sparklers dancing on their tippy toes.

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Your Questions Answered

Do you have these glasses in stock and how soon will they ship?

Yes, all items you see on our website are currently in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Connecticut. Orders generally ship within two business days.

What are singles versus boxed sets?

When you order a single glass, you will receive it in its own box.

Boxed sets, on the other hand, are larger boxes containing multiple glasses (sets of 2 or 6)

There is no difference in pricing and your decision comes down to a preference for more packing material with single boxes versus a single box.

Many customers prefer single boxes and keep them to store their glasses, or when taking them on the road.

How long will it take to ship to me?


The glassblowing teams at Zalto are working at full capacity and we have new stock arriving regularly. The Great Zalto Void is now completely in the past. All styles are now available! At times they may not be available in every pack size (i.e. single glass, boxed-set-of-2, boxed-set-of-6), so if the glass you want shows as out of stock, check the other pack sizes. Otherwise, select to be notified and you will likely be able to purchase exactly what you are looking for within a matter of weeks.


Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ page here.

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Dishwasher-safe and Lead-free - Really?

When done with care, we recommend washing your Zaltos in a dishwasher rather than hand washing them. It's with hand-washing that one often puts pressure on the stem, or torque on the bowl, which is usually the culprit for breakage.

Please visit our "Handling and Care" page for full tips on best practices, from the types of detergent to use, to how to safely polish your glass.

All Zalto glasses are 100% lead-free.