Slowly But Surely, We Are Back In Stock. For Now. On Some Items. Purchase Quantity Limits Apply.

We are very excited to finally have some items back in stock!

But as you can imagine, with the factory still not blowing at full capacity, the amounts arriving are small for now, and we expect them to sell out quickly. Add the global supply chain issues that all importers are dealing with and even those small amounts are slow to arrive.

With this in mind, out of fairness to all of you who have requested to be notified or have been checking back repeatedly, we are putting a limit as to how many items you can purchase at this time so that as many of you as possible can get some.

If you miss out and the item you wanted is out of stock again, we suggest you request to be notified, as we hope to receive more stock over the next few weeks.

The health and safety of everyone involved in getting a Zalto into your hands will always be our first and foremost concern, so this is just the way it will have to be for now. We hope that you understand, we thank you in advance for your ongoing patience, and we look forward to getting you as many of the best glasses in the world as your heart desires.